February 15, 2013



Maroo was found yesterday . The pak cik guard saved him. Oh cik guard thanks a lotttttt.
And thank you allah for giving back my lovely kittehh

February 14, 2013

say no to valentine's day

assalmuaalaikum to muslim and muslimat :))

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
VALENTINE'S DAY is what the Non-Muslims Do. 

Shaytaan is the Third Present Between the Unmarried Two,
So Remember O Muslim 
it is Haraam [i.e. Forbidden] for You!!

can i be like you?

assalamuaalaikum to yaallll

okay sila jangan buat gosip murahan or skandal-nyandel ye. mamat ni adalah seorang geologis berpengalaman yang menceritakan kisah or cerita mengenai geologis.how to become, the study field , how much SALARY you will get and blaa,, bla,,. enjoice  kayy

Name: Dr. Jim Reynolds
Job Title: Geologist and Associate Professor of Geology Division of Science & Mathematics
Where: Brevard, North Carolina
Employer: Brevard College
Years of Experience: 30
Education: BA, Master’s, and PhD from Dartmouth College
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median geologist salaries.

Geologist Salary and Job Outlook

What is a petroleum geologist? What are different options for geology careers? For readers interested in the job outlook for future geologists and geologist salaries, this Salary Story provides an insider's look into a rarely examined profession.
Dr. Jim Reynolds works as a geologist, teaches geology, and has 30 years of experience in the field. He recently took time out from his busy geology career to explain the definition of a geologist and what it takes to become a successful geologist. He gave us insight into oil and gas jobs, environmental geologist jobs, as well as a academic geology careers. For those who love to travel, Dr. Reynolds also described some international opportunities for geology careers.
If you want to become a geologist, or want more info on current geologist salaries, don't miss this earth-shaking interview!

Geologist Job Description:

A geologist studies how society interfaces with the earth, searches for minerals or hydrocarbon resources and investigates geological hazards. I am also a volcanologist - someone with expertise in volcanoes. Ideally, a geologist would be called to a location to investigate potential hazards before they occur, but more often they are contacted after a disaster occurs, and then geologists are asked when "it" will happen again.
I did a fair amount of work with coal mines, and I've performed quite a bit of consulting for oil companies in Argentina. I would give them data to determine if areas might be suitable for oil drilling. I’ve also done consulting for mineral exploration companies in the USA, Argentina, and Chile.
In addition, I also teach geology at Brevard College where I teach all the geology courses. Almost all my field research and teaching is based on my international work. My career is a combination of education and field work.

For those interested in geology careers, can you describe the steps of your career?

When I was about 3 or 4 years-old, Trix cereal boxes had these toy dinosaurs inside them. One day a toy dinosaur fell into my cereal bowl and I have been fascinated with dinosaurs ever since.  My parents took me to a dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. We lived in Pittsburgh, so we also went to the Carnegie Museum to see more dinosaurs. From age 3, I was always interested in the earth.
I went to Dartmouth to be a geology major. As an undergrad, I went to Central America and climbed volcanoes in Guatamela, El Salvador and Nicaragua. I stayed at Dartmouth and earned my Master's. I then went back down to Central America and worked in older volcanics in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.
After receiving my Master’s Degree, I went to work at the West Virginia Geological Survey. I was introduced to teaching at Colgate University and then went to the University of Massachusetts. Unexpectedly, I had a stroke at age 27. I went back to Dartmouth and earned my PhD. A professor there was starting a research program in Argentina, so I started working there to do field research.
Then I started teaching at Norwich University, a military college in Vermont. I subsequently moved to Western Carolina University, then to Brevard College, where I am today.

Do geology careers include the study of global warming?

Yes, geology is part of earth sciences. The consequences of global warming will probably be severe. We will most likely experience another ice age in 10,000 years but global warming will make it happen a lot sooner. We are in a normal warming cycle, but man-made emissions do exacerbate the situation.
As the polar ice caps melt, dry winds that go across the North Pole will pick up excess moisture from the Arctic Ocean and transfer that moisture across Northern Eurasia and North America. Tips offered to limit global warming are good to slow it, but it's probably too late.

What advice would you give to those interested in becoming a geologist?

Take as much science, chemistry, physics, and biology classes as you can. Earth sciences are a conglomerate of all the other sciences. As far as education, you should try to earn a Master's degree. An undergraduate degree will get you started, but with a Master’s, you can do most anything, unless you want to teach at the university level. You can teach at some places with a Master’s, but if you really want to teach, you should earn a PhD.

What is the job outlook for future geologists?

The job market for geologists is very cyclic. The immediate outlook for future geologists is great, as our society seems to think we can cure our oil addiction by looking for more oil. There is a huge market working for oil companies. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is the largest geological society; the second largest is the Geological Society of America. I'm a member of both.
There is a large job market in the environmental field, working for environmental consulting firms.  They provide geological expertise to companies that are building new structures. There are different regulations that builders must comply to; some regulations even require a survey by a geologist.
Many of these geologists check for contaminants and measure poisons in ground water and in run-offs from contaminated sites. There is also the mineral industry. Coal mines don't usually hire geologists, as coal is pretty easy to find. Environmental regulations and labor unions have largely squeezed metal mining out of the American economy.
Also, more and more countries are hiring Americans because of their expertise and training.   If you love traveling, you can have an exciting career outside the United States.

What factors affect geologist salaries?

Education affects geologist salaries, that's why I recommend a Master’s degree. Expertise can affect geologist salaries. One of my college roommates discovered some uranium mines in Alaska and retired at age 35. Petroleum companies pay the best salaries for geologists, right now.
Environmental consulting firms pay in the upper 5-figures. These firms help people and companies comply with regulations. For instance, there are California state regulations on the San Andreas fault which limit the number of houses.
Government agencies also pay well. These are government agencies such as the U.S. Geological Survey,Forestry Service Bureau of Land Management as well as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Government geologists check for contaminants and measure poisons in ground water and in run-offs from contanimated sites.
he say i must have strong physics,bio and chemist. not to forget math. mamtik kering la wa macam ni. hey,hey this for your own future yeee. don't put your hopes too high, i'm afraid i'm going to fell hard, but don't put your hopes too low, people may step on yo face dude!
entah hape aku meraban memalam buta ni. baca pasal korea utara la, zeti aziz la. apa shortcut wire dalam otak or what?
yup, i need you. i need you to understand wooo woooo
seriyesly, something wrong somewhere over the rainbow.

dah la


p/s:malam ni mimpi madam tan ajar add math kat sebelah aku.

February 11, 2013

today i'm so happy i ate my cat. is that illegal?


happy life happy day happy world happy hereafter


i love jiwang

assalamuaalaikum to yalll

apa motip tajuk begitu?

Yeah, yeah
When you call me
I can hear it in your voice
Oh sure!
Wanna see me
And tell me all about her
La la
I'll be acting through my tears
I guess you'll never know
That I should win
An Oscar for this scene I'm in
 Wish I could tell you there's a twist
Some kind of hero in disguise
And we're together
It's for real
Now playing
Wish I could tell you there's a nikah
 if we were a movie from hannah montana.
dasat sungguh penangan minah omputih tu kat aku. minat gegiler ah waktu zaman muda mudi dulu.lagu dia boleh hafal. sekarang dah slowly reduce little by little.

blah ah nana. poyo je lebih. gewdiks pon ada. nak bagi kaki pun ada


February 10, 2013

No gewdiks di tempat awam

assalamuaalaikum to yalls

saya mengadap lappy naik berair mata tapi keje sekolah belom siap watdeheven malas bla,bla,bla,bla.

the reason is why i'm typing caps lock are sebab entah ler, aku sedih mengenangkan maru yang missing in action begitu sahaja.
Dia hidup dah setahun setengah dengan aku and then dia dissapear just like that.
Ingat lagi baru je balik dari SEMERA tiba-tiba ayah bagi news kata Maru hilang.
Ya Allah frustnya tahap tertonggeng bergolek .
Sedih kot.
Aku ingat lagi peristiwa apa entah orang yang aku rapat kutuk aku, Maru tempat aku cerita. Almost all of my secret i spill at him. Sekarang dia hilang,mana tau dia citer rahsia tu kat kucing lain, kantoi aku :P

What i'm going to say is, Maru if you happen to read this, believe me my cat, i love you so much deep down inside. aku hanya berdoa sesiapa yang terjumpa dia dan bawak balik dia, jagalah dia dengan baik sebab maru tu memang kucing baik, tak buat masalah sangat walaupun selalu muntah dekat ruang tamu tapi takpe aku lapkan. harap tuan dia yang baru tak ganas-ganas ngan dia. take care dia with heart and soul. Pesan aku,jangan bagi dia makanan basah, he doesn't like it. ayam goreng ke hape, dia tak lalu sangat. he prefer dry food.
Pastu di suka di garu di bahagian lemak di leher.
adussss, macam pakwe aku dah maru ni.

dahlah malas nak tulis pepanjang. nanti aku terfeeling sensorang pulak. aku ni sensitip sikit :P

okay aku tak tahu apa kejadah letak muka aku yang rentung macam bontot kuali ni. picture taken during sukan Kiblah 2012. waktu tu aku sedih tahap terabyte ah. *kalah perbarisan :P

dahla nak study add math
okay statement poyo je lebih
sebenarnya nak tengok Marathon Hannah montana.

pulanglah maru eh


February 09, 2013

If we were a movie

How's life?
Aku semakin dahsyat. Living in Raja Ali aren't that easy.
The different living in kiblah and raja  ali is the THE LOCATION.
Kiblah tu macam dalam kampung sikit and raja ali situated dekat tengah bandar. there's the different. Tapi palajar, peraturan , dah nak dekat dah. oh ya facilities. well, raja ali lebih banyak kemudahan and mmuch bigger la. Seronok gak hidup di situ.

aku mengaku kiblah ni payah gak nak hidup dulu. Loker cenonet , pintu loker hampir patah sebab aku yang terlebih ganas jahanamkan pintu tu, naseb cik lan yang baik lagi awesome baikikan.Lepas tu pintu loker orang sebelah aku patah. berjangkit jugak penyakit pintu loker ni kan.
kenangan ;')

mungkin pada permulaan hati meronta giler, "cepatlah nak blah.bye kiblah. sayonara adios tatatata. ai hate you gilooo!!"
Bila dah nak dekat pindah punyalah rasa eksaited tu dahsyat giler. hari-hari jumpa kak jiha tanya sijil berhenti dah siap ke belom. Pastu dia kata siap lepas result keluar. Waktu amik result tak teringat nak hamek. so amik lah lepastu . dalam penghujung bulan Dis gitu. Bila sampai je waktu tu tak ramai orang. Rasa macam nak ngalir air mata. rasa sedih pulak. Aku pandang and tenung kelas 3 At-Taqwa lama gila. Fuhh memang tunggu nak meratap golek atas jalan tar buat aksi citer hindustan je kat situ.
seriyesly . tapi aku tak nak nangis ah. poyo ah nangis. nana tak nanges. paling kurang pun melalak sensorang.
And then balik. lepastu tak jejak dah.

Takpe ianya sebab untuk belajar. Setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan. Semuanya akan berubah. takde benda yang statik je 24 hours. Akan bergerak ke depan. Samalah macam aku dan orang lain.
Kiblah-ians pun aku tengok bahagia. Kiblah maju wooo. dengar citer tv LCD. Bapak ahh. lagi aha abeng nonton sinetron je deh (sorry abeng takleh nak stop bahan kau)

Aku planning nak serbu kiblah hujung feb. Kalau ada rezeki, insyaallah.
duhai kiblah,Ilmu yang diajar di sana takkan ku lupakan , ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaakssssssssssssssss

okay lah study weh study. lagi-lagi bio. adusss. mamtik gua macam ni.
aku kena belajar pasal cucu cicit tok wan tok nenek cell organelle nucleus ribosome apa lagi laa.
sabar. innallahamaana. sesungguhnya allah bersama kita.

Buku rujukan bertimbun beli. bacanya idok.


p/s: semera seriyes agak bestlah jugak. anda patut daftar