March 01, 2013

My love story

Assalamuaalaikum to yallsssssss

Amcam kehidupan di form four? Not what i had imagine before this.
I thought it was super easyyyy and chillax before espiyem.
Seriyesly, what was i thinking?
I should stay home, cooking, cleaning,bang my head on the wall many times, take a gun out and shoot myself.
But i don't wanna die yet.
I was born to be a khalifah and i know that's my job and my responsibilty to spread islam throughout the world. But can i purified myself? My amal is not that perfect.
My heart always like 'bolak-balik' and pum,thump,thump
Tak sekata.
I'm afraid bila suddenly aku berubah. U kno watzz?
at first her body was covered from head to toe, but after a few years, the hijab dissapear?

The main point is our iman. Wether it's strong enough to face all the consequences .

Dahlah sebenarnya stresss kena marah dengan pn.Tan becoz of add math.
Dia kata aku pemalas. Orang yang pandai add math adalah orang yang rajin. Aku rajin whatzzzz? Okay tak. Pemalas tahap gaban sebenarnya.
Ya allah permudahkanlah aku dalam ujian intervensi nanti......