December 04, 2014


assalamuaalaikum gegirlssssssssssssssssssssssss

ye i will be back for some more hottest update and daily news about my life (bajet retis, amponnnn gila glemer minah ni)

okay so malam ni update, maybe? i will pour out some juicy detail about my love-life (which is my crush went to plkn)
and i did not have a chance to talk to him because he was like, i don't even know him, i only fall for his KP image (sekolah lain , sekolah top kl. stop dreaming. )

saya habis spm dan masih takde arah tuju nak kerja apa like what am i doing with my life, wuttsssss =-="

dan result saya mungkin, entahlah adalah seketul dua ketul A, inshallah (so much for negative thoughts)

okay later uolls